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The German company RECO was founded in 1980 and since its inception has been developing and manufacturing electronic control systems and switchgear. The office of the company together with production facilities are located in the city of Troesdorf. RECO offers a full range of services, from the development of a project for the automation of a specific process and the production of the necessary electronic control systems, switchgear, valves, to commissioning and training of personnel.More than 30,000 industrial ventilation and process control systems are completed with RECO products every year. RECO solutions are used in air pollution control, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals and food production. All control systems are manufactured in compliance with all standards, including standards for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. The quality of the products is confirmed by the fact that the company has a certificate of conformity to the quality management system ISO 9001.

Products of the company

Electronic control systems RECOMATIC

The control systems of the RECOMATIC series are designed for use in various industries and consist of controllers and I / O modules based on microcontrollers with built-in EEPROM. For the exchange of data between equipment components, RECO has developed its own data bus, R-IMC-Bus (RECO Inter Module Communication Bus), which is based on an RS-485 interface with a connection to a physical PROFIBUS network. For instrumentation and automation, RECO manufactures a wide range of transmitters, controllers and sensor modules specially designed for use in various environmental conditions. All front panels of RECO products have an IP 66 protection rating. The ProfiLine product range includes controllers and I / O modules with Profibus interface. The CompactLine product line includes R-IMC bus control systems, controllers, I / O modules, visualization panels and input panels. The EasyLine and BasicLine product ranges include various stand-alone filter controllers and compact motor controllers for air filtration systems.

Switching systems

RECO switchgears are designed and manufactured in compliance with European EN and international IEC standards. The use of automation control systems makes it possible to provide a wide range of possible applications of switching systems. Due to the presence of a PLC in most units and the presence of modules with R-IMC-Bus or Profibus support, it is possible to decentralize the configuration of control components and simplify their integration into process control systems. Switching systems for special purposes can be used in the production of medicines and food products, used for completing explosion-proof distribution systems, including for underground use, as well as for installation in power plants. The SensorLine product line offers measuring and control systems, transmitters, differential pressure regulators and various sensors. Differential pressure regulators - RM-DPC Micro, RM-DPC Micro FP Differential pressure switch - RM-DPS Micro Multifunctional transmitter - RM-XT Differential pressure transmitter - RM-DPT.

Valves and Tank Purge Systems

The RECO VTEC valves have been specially developed for filter separators with impulse pressure cleaning. Valves and fuel tank purging systems complete the company's product portfolio. RECO manufactures a variety of powerful solenoid valves with large cross-sections and optimized flows. RECO diaphragm valves are designed for use in filter separators under high pressure conditions and provide fast closing times with the new Power-Reflex diaphragms. Fuel tank purging systems made of aluminum, available in various diameters and shapes, can be used to create tank purging systems. The VTEC product line includes VS-DN 25 angle diaphragm valves, NG 4 solenoid valves, ST 148 - ST 172 tank purging systems and various accessories. Angle diaphragm valves - VS-DN 25 Tank venting systems - ST 148-DN 25, ST 148-DN 25 SD, ST 148-DN 25 VR, ST 172-DN 40, ST 172-DN 50 Solenoid valves - NG 4 / N 4, 5 Valve block - N 4 / N 4.5.

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