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Order for ROBOPAC (Brand of Aetna Group) KN/104651 — 13.05.2020

ROBOPAC (Brand of Aetna Group) KN/104651 — Shipped 13.05.2020 Delivered to Germany
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The content of the order:

  • Manufacturer: ROBOPAC (Brand of Aetna Group)
  • Country: Germany
  • Part number: KN/104651
  • Description: Palletizer control board
  • Order date: 13.05.2020
Our Team have successfully managed and shipped the goods for ROBOPAC (Brand of Aetna Group) KN/104651 from 13.05.2020 to Germany. The Client has submitted the request and has been provided with best proposal and shipment from Famaga. Do you want to know more about this goods? Simply submit us a inquiry and our managers will help you to have the required equipment of the ROBOPAC (Brand of Aetna Group). Please fill in the form or send the characteristics of the item to our email to have best proposal and lead time.
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