Door handle actuator AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 Schmersal 101178738
Door handle actuator AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 Schmersal 101178738

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AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 101178738 Schmersal Door handle actuator






AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1

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Door handle actuator

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Specifications AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 101178738

The AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 is a technical component commonly used in industrial applications to ensure safety and efficient operation of machinery and systems. Here are its key features and technical specifications:Switch Type: This device is a safety switch designed to monitor and control access to hazardous areas of industrial machinery and equipment.Switch Contacts: The AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 comes equipped with multiple switch contacts, allowing for versatile configurations. These contacts can be used to interrupt electrical circuits in case of hazardous conditions or enable emergency stop functions.Electrical Connections: The device is connected through terminal connections, making it easy to integrate into existing control and safety systems. This simplifies installation and maintenance.Housing: The housing of the AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 is built to withstand harsh industrial conditions. It is impact-resistant and has a high IP rating, protecting it against dust and water ingress, which makes it suitable for demanding environments.Main Function: Its primary function is to ensure safety in industrial environments by monitoring access to hazardous areas. This is achieved by supervising doors, gates, or other devices, which, when opened, trigger a safety action, such as stopping a dangerous machine.Typical Use: The AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 is commonly found in heavy machinery, automated production lines, and systems where it is crucial to prevent unauthorized access or ensure that specific actions occur only under safe conditions.In summary, the AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 is a versatile and robust safety switch used in industrial applications to ensure safety and reliable operation of machinery and systems. Its ability to monitor access to hazardous areas makes it an integral part of safety in industrial settings.