BNS 250-11Z Schmersal 101120670
 BNS 250-11Z Schmersal 101120670

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BNS 250-11Z 101120670 Schmersal






BNS 250-11Z

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Safety sensors

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Specifications BNS 250-11Z 101120670

The BNS 250-11Z is a safety limit switch known for its robust design and reliability. Here are its key features, technical specifications, and common applications:Features and Specifications:Design: The BNS 250-11Z is designed to withstand demanding industrial environments. Its rugged construction ensures durability and long-term performance.Safety Compliance: This safety limit switch complies with international safety standards, making it suitable for use in applications where safety is paramount.Contacts: It is equipped with snap-action positive-opening contacts, ensuring a quick and reliable switch-off when the actuator is activated.Actuator: The switch operates with a plunger-style actuator, which is typically attached to a moving part of machinery. When the actuator is depressed or released, the switch responds accordingly.Cable Entry: The switch features multiple cable entry options, providing flexibility for installation and cable routing.IP Rating: With an IP67 rating, it is resistant to dust and can withstand temporary immersion in water, making it suitable for a variety of industrial settings.Usage and Application:The BNS 250-11Z safety limit switch is commonly used in industrial machinery and equipment for safety-related functions. Here's how it is typically applied:Safety Interlock: The switch is installed on doors, gates, hatches, or access points of machinery. It is integrated into the machinery's control system as a safety interlock.Safety Control: When the machinery is in operation, the position of the plunger-style actuator is critical. If the actuator is in the wrong position (e.g., indicating that a door is open), the switch will trigger a safety stop, halting the machinery to prevent accidents.Emergency Stop: In case of an emergency or the need to access a hazardous area, pressing the actuator or releasing it, depending on the setup, triggers an emergency stop, ensuring the safety of personnel.Safety Compliance: The BNS 250-11Z helps companies meet safety standards and regulations by providing reliable safety functions within their machinery.In summary, the BNS 250-11Z safety limit switch is an essential component in industrial safety systems. Its robust design and reliable operation make it a critical element in ensuring the safety of operators and preventing accidents in industrial settings.