BNS 250-11ZG Schmersal 101120671
 BNS 250-11ZG Schmersal 101120671

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BNS 250-11ZG 101120671 Schmersal






BNS 250-11ZG

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Safety sensors


Der Sicherheits-Sensor Sicherheitssensor BNS 250-11ZG

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Specifications BNS 250-11ZG 101120671

The BNS 250-11ZG is an industrial safety switch designed to ensure a high level of safety in machinery and equipment applications. It boasts several features and technical specifications that make it suitable for various industrial uses. Here are key details about this product:Key Features:Robust Construction: The BNS 250-11ZG is built to withstand harsh industrial environments, thanks to its sturdy and durable construction.Safety Monitoring: This safety switch is equipped with monitoring contacts, allowing for real-time monitoring of the switch's status. This feature enhances safety management.Actuator Flexibility: It offers versatility in terms of actuator options, making it adaptable to different machinery and equipment configurations.Guard Door Monitoring: The BNS 250-11ZG is commonly used for monitoring guard doors in industrial settings. It prevents access to hazardous areas when the machinery is in operation.High Electrical Ratings: With its high electrical ratings, this safety switch can handle a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring reliable performance.Applications:The BNS 250-11ZG is a crucial component for ensuring safety in various industrial applications, including:Machine guarding: Prevents access to dangerous machine parts during operation.Conveyor systems: Enhances safety in material handling processes.Industrial doors and gates: Ensures secure access control in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.Robotics and automation: Integrates seamlessly into automated systems for safety compliance.This safety switch plays a vital role in safeguarding both workers and equipment in industrial environments. Its advanced safety features and technical specifications make it a reliable choice for ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards. For detailed technical information and specific applications, it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer's official documentation or consult industrial safety experts.