Signalling device NDRZ50RT Schmersal 101177168
Signalling device NDRZ50RT Schmersal 101177168

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NDRZ50RT 101177168 Schmersal Signalling device







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Signalling device

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Specifications NDRZ50RT 101177168

The NDRZ50RT is a robust and reliable safety switch designed for industrial applications. It features a compact and durable design, making it suitable for use in various industrial environments.Key Features and Technical Specifications:Design: The NDRZ50RT safety switch is designed to provide a safe and reliable means of interlocking and monitoring the position of machine guards. It has a rugged construction that can withstand harsh industrial conditions.Actuator: The switch is activated by a separate actuator that can be mounted on a movable guard or door. When the guard is in its proper position, the actuator engages with the switch, ensuring that the machine can operate safely.Safety Contacts: It is equipped with safety contacts that open and close the electrical circuit based on the status of the guard. These contacts are positively driven, ensuring that they reliably switch even in the presence of contaminants.Reset Function: The NDRZ50RT has a manual reset function. This means that once the safety circuit is interrupted, it cannot be re-closed until the reset button is manually operated. This feature prevents unintentional restarts after a safety breach.IP Rating: The switch typically has an IP67 rating, indicating that it is dust-tight and can withstand temporary immersion in water. This makes it suitable for outdoor and wet industrial environments.Usage and Application:The NDRZ50RT safety switch is commonly used in industrial machinery and equipment where it is essential to ensure the safety of operators and prevent unauthorized access to dangerous areas. It is typically installed on machine guards, access doors, and movable barriers.When the guard or door is opened or moved away from its proper position, the safety contacts in the switch open, interrupting the control circuit and stopping the machine. This ensures that the machine cannot be operated while the guard is open, preventing accidents and injuries.In summary, the NDRZ50RT safety switch is a dependable component for ensuring safety and compliance in industrial settings. Its robust design, manual reset function, and IP rating make it suitable for a wide range of applications where safety is paramount.