Safety switch AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 Schmersal 101154000
Safety switch AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 Schmersal 101154000

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AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 101154000 Schmersal Safety switch






AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20

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Safety switch


Sicherheitsschalter mit getrenntem Betätiger AZ 415-11/11ZPK

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Specifications AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 101154000

The AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 is a versatile and highly functional safety-rated limit switch designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. Below are its key features, technical specifications, and typical applications:Key Features:Highly Reliable: The AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 is known for its reliability, making it suitable for critical safety functions in industrial environments.Multiple Contacts: This limit switch features two positively driven slow-action contacts, one normally closed (NC), and one normally open (NO), which provide redundancy and flexibility in wiring.Safety Compliance: It complies with safety standards, ensuring safe machine operation by monitoring the position of movable guards, gates, and other machine elements.Sturdy Construction: With its durable metal housing, this limit switch can withstand tough industrial conditions, including dust and moisture.Precise Actuation: The actuator mechanism provides precise and repeatable actuation, contributing to the switch's reliability.Technical Specifications:Contact Rating: The contacts are rated for 3A at 230V AC or 1.5A at 24V DC, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial control circuits.Temperature Range: It can operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +80°C (-13°F to +176°F).Degree of Protection: With an IP66 rating, the AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 is dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water.Applications:The AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 is commonly used in industrial machinery and equipment for safety-related tasks. Its primary purpose is to monitor the position of movable guards, gates, or other machine elements and provide a reliable signal to control systems. This helps ensure the safety of operators by preventing or interrupting machine functions when necessary, such as during maintenance, access to hazardous areas, or emergency situations.In summary, the AZ 415-11/11ZPK-M20 is a highly reliable safety-rated limit switch designed for critical safety applications in industrial settings. Its robust construction, multiple contacts, and safety compliance make it an essential component in safeguarding machinery and protecting operators from potential hazards.