Solenoid interlock AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 Schmersal 101166283
Solenoid interlock AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 Schmersal 101166283

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AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 101166283 Schmersal Solenoid interlock






AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024

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Solenoid interlock


AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 safety interlock

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Specifications AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 101166283

The AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 is a safety interlock switch designed to provide reliable protection in industrial settings. Its technical specifications and features make it a valuable component for enhancing safety and security.This safety interlock switch comes equipped with two positively driven NC contacts, ensuring that it breaks the circuit upon actuation, making it highly suitable for applications where safety is a top priority. The switching capacity of these contacts is rated at 2A, allowing it to control various types of equipment.One of the key features of the AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 is its dual-channel design, which provides redundancy and reduces the risk of failure. It also offers a manual restart function, adding an extra layer of safety by requiring a manual reset after an emergency stop.The actuator's integrated door handle ensures ease of operation, and the stainless steel housing adds durability and resistance to harsh industrial environments. This safety interlock switch is compatible with a wide range of applications, including access doors, gates, and safety guards.The AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 is designed to meet stringent safety standards, making it suitable for use in machinery and equipment where safety compliance is critical. Its compact design allows for easy installation, even in confined spaces.In summary, the AZM 161CC-12/12RK-024 safety interlock switch is a reliable and robust device with dual-channel positively driven NC contacts, manual restart capability, and a stainless steel housing. It is designed to enhance safety in industrial environments, especially in applications involving access doors and safety guards.