Safety relay SRB301LC-24V Schmersal 101163475
Safety relay SRB301LC-24V Schmersal 101163475

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SRB301LC-24V 101163475 Schmersal Safety relay







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Safety Relay


Safety relay


SRB301LC 24VAC/DC NOT-HALT- und Schutztürüberwachung

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Specifications SRB301LC-24V 101163475

The SRB301LC-24V is a versatile safety relay module designed for industrial applications. It offers a range of technical features and specifications that make it a reliable choice for enhancing safety and control in various settings.This safety relay module is known for its high reliability and adaptability. It operates on a 24V DC supply voltage and has three normally open safety outputs and one normally closed auxiliary output. This configuration allows it to interface with a variety of safety devices such as emergency stop buttons, safety switches, and safety mats.The SRB301LC-24V is designed to monitor and ensure the proper functioning of safety devices in industrial machinery and equipment. It provides a fail-safe mechanism to prevent accidents and hazards by monitoring the status of safety devices and taking appropriate actions in case of faults or unsafe conditions.One of its key features is the capability to handle different safety functions, including monitoring emergency stop circuits, guard door interlocks, and two-hand control systems. It can also be configured to perform delayed switching, pulse evaluation, and time delay functions to meet specific safety requirements.This safety relay module is commonly used in a wide range of applications where safety and control integration are crucial, such as conveyor systems, automated manufacturing processes, and robotic cells. Its primary purpose is to enhance safety by ensuring that safety devices are functioning correctly and by providing a reliable interface between these devices and the control system.In summary, the SRB301LC-24V safety relay module is a dependable industrial component designed to enhance safety and control in industrial machinery and equipment. Its adaptability, multiple safety outputs, and configurable safety functions make it a valuable asset in applications where safety and flexibility are essential.