Inductive Proximity Switch IFL 15-30-10STP Schmersal 101108111
Inductive Proximity Switch IFL 15-30-10STP Schmersal 101108111

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IFL 15-30-10STP 101108111 Schmersal Inductive Proximity Switch






IFL 15-30-10STP

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Inductive Proximity Switch


Induktiver Näherungsschalter IFL15-30-10STP

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Specifications IFL 15-30-10STP 101108111

The IFL 15-30-10STP is a versatile inductive proximity switch designed for a wide range of industrial applications.Key Features:High Sensitivity: This inductive proximity switch is highly sensitive to metallic objects, making it suitable for various automation and control tasks.Compact Design: With its compact and robust design, it can be easily integrated into space-constrained installations.IP67 Rating: The switch is rated IP67, ensuring protection against dust and temporary immersion in water, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.Short-Circuit Protection: It incorporates short-circuit protection, safeguarding the switch from damage in case of electrical faults.Technical Specifications:Sensing Range: The IFL 15-30-10STP has a sensing range of 15mm, providing reliable proximity detection within this distance.Operating Voltage: It operates within a wide voltage range, typically between 10-36V DC.Output Type: The switch offers a PNP normally open (NO) output, which is compatible with most industrial control systems.Output Current: With a maximum output current of 200mA, it can directly drive various loads.Housing Material: The switch features a durable housing made of nickel-plated brass, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.Applications:The IFL 15-30-10STP inductive proximity switch finds applications in multiple industrial sectors:Manufacturing: It is used for precise positioning and control of machinery in manufacturing lines.Material Handling: The switch aids in conveyor belt systems, ensuring proper material flow and positioning.Automotive Industry: It is employed in automotive assembly lines for tasks such as part detection and quality control.Packaging: The switch is suitable for packaging machinery to detect the presence or absence of products or packaging materials.Machine Tools: It plays a crucial role in CNC machine tools, ensuring tool and workpiece positioning accuracy.In summary, the IFL 15-30-10STP inductive proximity switch offers high sensitivity, a compact design, and durable construction. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable proximity detection makes it an excellent choice for various industrial automation and control applications.