Limit Switch MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 Schmersal 101160615
Limit Switch MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 Schmersal 101160615

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MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 101160615 Schmersal Limit Switch






MSP 452-11/11Y-M20

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Limit Switch


Schmersal limit switch 1160615, MSP452-11/11Y-M20

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Specifications MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 101160615

The MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 is a versatile safety sensor designed for use in industrial applications where reliable position monitoring and safety are essential. This sensor offers several key features and technical specifications that make it suitable for integration into safety systems and machinery where human protection is paramount.Key Features:Non-Contact Operation: The MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 operates on a non-contact principle, ensuring that there is no physical contact between the sensor and the actuator, reducing wear and tear.Highly Reliable: It provides highly reliable position monitoring, making it an excellent choice for safety-critical applications.Compact Design: The sensor has a compact and space-saving design, making it easy to integrate into various industrial setups.Robust Construction: It features a durable housing that offers protection against mechanical damage and environmental factors, ensuring a long operational life.Technical Specifications:Operating Principle: The MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 is based on magnetic sensing technology, which allows for non-contact operation.Mounting: The sensor is typically mounted to a fixed surface, while the actuator is attached to the moving part of the machinery or guard.Actuator: Requires a compatible actuator for proper operation. The actuator is usually attached to the moving element being monitored.Safety Category: Suitable for use in safety systems that require specific safety categories or Performance Level (PL) ratings.IP Rating: The sensor is rated for a specific IP protection level, indicating its resistance to dust and water ingress.Voltage and Current Ratings: Designed to operate within specific voltage and current limits, ensuring safe and reliable performance.Applications:The MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 safety sensor finds applications in various industrial settings, including:Machine Guarding: Used to monitor and ensure the safety of machine guards, preventing access to hazardous areas while the machine is in operation.Safety Interlocks: Integrated into safety interlock systems to safeguard personnel from potential dangers associated with machinery and equipment.Conveyor Systems: Employed to control conveyor systems, ensuring they stop when necessary and protecting workers from moving parts.Gate and Door Monitoring: Installed on gates and doors to prevent them from closing or opening when a hazard is present.Material Handling: Ensures safe material handling by monitoring the position of robotic arms, conveyors, and other equipment.The MSP 452-11/11Y-M20 safety sensor is a critical component in industrial safety systems, offering reliable non-contact position monitoring and control to protect both personnel and equipment. Its non-contact operation, compact design, and robust construction make it a valuable choice for safety-critical applications.