Solenoid interlock MVH 330-11Y-M20 Schmersal 101160129
Solenoid interlock MVH 330-11Y-M20 Schmersal 101160129

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MVH 330-11Y-M20 101160129 Schmersal Solenoid interlock






MVH 330-11Y-M20

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Solenoid interlock


MVH 330-11Y-M20 Positionsschalter Die Produkt-Nr. 131160129 ersetzt die Produkt-Nr. 101160129

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Specifications MVH 330-11Y-M20 101160129

The MVH 330-11Y-M20 is a robust and versatile safety interlock switch, designed to enhance the safety of industrial applications. Its advanced features and durable construction make it suitable for demanding environments where safety and reliability are critical.Key Features and Technical Specifications:Actuator Type: This safety interlock switch comes with a flexible actuator, allowing it to be used in various door and gate configurations.Contacts: The MVH 330-11Y-M20 features slow-action contacts, which provide a delayed switching action. This is especially useful in applications where avoiding sudden stops or starts is crucial for safety.Contact Configuration: It offers a choice of contact configurations, including NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed), to accommodate different safety interlocking requirements.IP Rating: With an IP67 rating, this switch is dust-tight and capable of withstanding temporary immersion in water. It is well-suited for use in challenging industrial environments.Connection Type: The switch is equipped with screw terminals for secure and reliable electrical connections.Cable Length: It comes with a 5-meter cable pre-attached, providing flexibility in installation.Voltage and Current Ratings: The MVH 330-11Y-M20 is designed to handle a wide range of voltage and current ratings, making it compatible with various electrical systems.Common Applications:This safety interlock switch finds common use in industrial settings to safeguard machinery and equipment. Its applications include:Machine Safety: Installed on machine guards, doors, and gates to ensure that machines stop or do not start when a hazardous condition is detected.Access Control: Used in access control systems to prevent unauthorized entry into secure areas.Emergency Stop Systems: Integrated into emergency stop circuits to provide a reliable means of quickly shutting down machinery in case of emergencies.Material Handling: Enhances the safety of conveyors, palletizers, and other material handling equipment.Industrial Automation: Employed in automated production lines to ensure safe operation and compliance with safety regulations.The MVH 330-11Y-M20 safety interlock switch is a crucial component in industrial safety systems. Its flexible actuator, configurable contacts, and durable design make it suitable for a wide range of safety applications, enhancing worker safety and protecting valuable equipment.