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Schunk is a leading manufacturer of high-precision clamping technology components. The company was founded in 1945 in Laufen an der Neckar, Germany by Mr. Friedrich Schunk. Initially, the company was a mechanical workshop located in a garage with the simplest conditions. However, soon, thanks to numerous innovative developments, the small business became famous. The company has designed and manufactured a punching machine that meets high quality standards.

Since that time, the company has received its first large orders: the production of precision parts for the Porsche 356, the production of disc flywheels and brake drums for the NSU Prinz 4. In 1966, Schunk launched the production of clamping devices for lathe chucks, which began a new stage in the company's development. The company has become competent in the production of workpiece clamps for the process industry.

Today, Schunk is a medium-sized family-owned business with an established reputation in technology and an internationally operating company.

Schunk is headquartered in Laufen an der Neckar, Germany, with managing partners Christine I. Schunk, Henrik A. Schunk and Heinz-Dieter Schunk. The company employs more than 2,000 highly qualified employees in the world, these people invest their skills, knowledge, skills and ideas in the company. Schunk products are manufactured in 4 factories and are characterized by the high quality that is typical for Schunk. The company's products can be purchased from Schunk's own subsidiaries and sales offices in more than 50 countries.

The main principles of the Schunk strategy are: striving for excellence in all areas, reliability, absolute performance and an innovative way of thinking. The company is a world leader in the field of clamping systems and one of the most successful innovators in the field of automation.

Products of the company

Gripping devices, grippers

Pneumatic (2-finger parallel, 3-finger centric grippers); multi-finger centric grips (2-finger corner and radial grips, 3-finger corner grips); modular gripping systems; rotary-gripping modules.

Rotation blocks

A wide range of compact rotary and rotating units for various production tasks is presented: rotary blocks; blocks of angular rotation; swivel fingers; electrical rotary blocks; electro-pneumatic rotary blocks.

Linear drives

Thanks to the compact combination and modular system, the various modules can be combined into an overall system. Schunk offers a wide range of components to tackle demanding tasks, depending on the required stroke length and load.

Components for robots

Gripper changers; power supply wires; protection devices; processing means; measurement systems.


Controllers; sensors; sensor distributors; measuring systems; cams; valves and threaded connections; protective covers; tools; grease; fasteners.

Modular assembly automation tools

Construction boxes; linear drives; portal modules; rotation blocks; grips, grippers; gripping and rotating modules; accessories.

Lathe chucks

Pneumatic chucks; mechanized cartridges; manual chucks; precision chucks; special cartridges; lunettes; accessories for lathe chucks.


Standard cams; collet jaws; special cams; special cams; accessories.

Stationary clamping systems

Mechanical clamping systems KONTEC; magnetic systems MAGNOS; cartridges for stationary use ROTA; quick change pallet system VERO-S; power vice TANDEM; vacuum clamping technologies PLANOS.


Hydraulic holders TENDO; compact hydraulic holders TENDO E compact; polygonal holders TRIBOS; SINO universal holders; CELSIO shrink fit chucks; mechanical holders; holders for tool grinding.

Special hydraulic mandrels

Hydroplastic mandrels FORTIS; special hydroplastic mandrels.

Mobile gripping systems

Equipped with compact and flexibly combinable slewing drives, lightweight manipulators and servo-electric gripper drives. The company offers tailor-made approaches to a unique modular design as well as custom solutions. Such systems provide modules for industrial and service applications, which are quite flexible for use in various applications. Schunk laser technology. Provides high precision welding lines, very flexible for a small number of batches, no need for external programming, welding of complex materials using a laser is possible.

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