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About the manufacturer

Selet is an Italian manufacturer of sensor technology, industrial automation, digital measuring instruments and spare parts for them. The company was founded in 1973 in the city of Turin, initially specialized in the production of products for the oil industry and the electric power industry. 

Selet: the best automation and digital systems

Today, the electronics and automation of this brand is considered the best in its segment, while the company does not stop expanding its capabilities, investing substantial sums in search of new solutions. The main tasks for which the mechanisms and systems of Selet are designed and manufactured are to ensure the maximum level of automation in their fields of application. 
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Selet? We are ready to present a wide range of equipment of this brand, as well as the necessary consumables and spare parts. The prices we have set compare favorably with similar offers from our many competitors. We supply our products to Russia and the CIS countries. All products presented in the catalogs comply with international and national quality standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. 

The products of Selet

Incremental and absolute encoders - Incremental encoders of various diameters are available in screw mounting, square flange, round flange and servo mounting. Hollow and cast shaft models are available. Also available in the INTRAOPTO high resolution range. The model range includes models with diameters of 30, 40, 44, 50, 58, 63 70, 80 and 90 mm. Absolute encoders are available in 63mm square flange, 3-hole screw mount, solid and hollow shaft, servo mount. 
Temperature controllers - Thermostats are available in two types: TXM10 for horizontal installation with dimensions 48 x 48 mm and TXM60 for vertical installation with dimensions 48 x 96 mm. Both controllers are 5-digit unidirectional thermostats equipped with a display and keypad for setting parameters, operating modes and alarms. Supported temperature sensors and resistance thermometers with a maximum temperature measurement of 600 degrees. The controllers are equipped with 2 relay outputs for control. Controller housings are made of PVC and comply with IP54 protection degree. 

Inductive sensors - The non-amplified Namur sensor series includes cylindrical and square housings and aluminum and plastic with fixed and swivel head. The Cenelec series contains standard and shortened DC amplifier models. The medium range GRAN BALON and the extended radius range GRAN BALON EXTENDED include sensors with integrated current amplifiers. We also produce models with high noise immunity, in plastic and Teflon cases, for high and low temperatures, a series for control of rotation speed, a series in block cases, including those with swivel heads.

Capacitive sensors - The Namur series of capacitive sensors contains models without amplification in cylindrical housings. Other sensor series include standard and short cylindrical housings, plain and screw-in models, equipped with a DC amplifier. Sensor housings are made of metal, plastic, Teflon. There is a series of sensors with programmable time delay and a series of relay outputs, as well as a series in block housings.

Display indicators, photo sensors - Readout indicators are used to visualize data from voltmeters or ammeters. The DVM3 series can collect readings from four directions, the DVM6 series from one device. Also provided are programmable voltmeters and ammeters with keypad for parameter setting. Photoelectric sensors are available in diffuse and reflective types with a rear reflector, single-beam multi-beam types, with a programmable sequence of beams, etc. 
Sensor interface modules - The sensor interface modules are designed for DIN-rail mounting in the control cabinet. The catalog contains modules with outputs for switching relays, analog and frequency signal converters, interface modules for programming two sensors. 

Accessories - In addition, Selet produces buttons, switches, toggle switches, adapters, cords, connectors, as well as other consumables and spare parts for the equipment and systems offered. 

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