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SMW AUTOBLOK is a group of two concerns, which together are the largest manufacturer of various types of clamping devices for turning systems.

This manufacturer has been successfully operating on the market for over 20 years, and the year of its beginning is considered to be 1993, when, as a result of the merger of two large world concerns: the Italian AUTOBLOK (operating since 1942) and the German SMW, a new corporation with an international name was formed, the power of many small industries. Since then, the company has only been gaining momentum, improving its production process and striving to improve quality.

Today it is one of the most popular and demanded world companies for the manufacture of clamping installations and accessories for them, with more than 50 offices around the world, including in Russia.

Today, the main reference point of the corporation is recognized as the course towards the introduction of precision auxiliary tools, which will perfectly prove themselves in the field of machine tool building, aerospace industry, printing, medical equipment production and other manufacturing industries.

The video above was taken from SMW-AUTOBLOK official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Cartridges, index cartridges

Chucks manufactured by SMW-AUTOBLOK are high-tech, modern designs. With their help, you can easily fix complex elements without displacement or breaking symmetry. Lathe chucks are hermetically sealed, due to which they have a long service life, stable fixation, and contribute to high productivity with optimal clamping force and suitable speed. Installation of SMW-AUTOBLOK chucks is carried out on any type of machine, thanks to an assortment of special transitional auxiliary parts - flanges. The company's line of chucks includes index, mechanized, diaphragm, clamping, chucks with quick jaw change, collet, fixed and manual chucks. Index chucks carry out high-quality and fast processing of parts, reliable, rigid fixation. The body is made of durable materials, does not undergo deformation, the product is easily assembled into the machine. The structure is equipped with internal controls to ensure safe operation. High rotational speed is allowed, increasing productivity. The power chuck (kncs-n) with quick jaw change is characterized by a large bore, high rotation speed, and the ability to work in a vertical position. Robust body with a unique cementing system provides a rigid fixation. For safe use of the machine, the chucks are equipped with a safety interlock that is triggered if the structure is incorrectly installed. Fast jaw changes in 1 minute save time, increase productivity and reduce component costs.

Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders form a significant segment of the company's products. The most popular are rotating hollow cylinders, as well as closed cylinders with a modular system for various piston strokes.


Cams are indispensable elements of lathe chucks, designed for strong and precise fixation of the machined elements. SMW-AUTOBLOK cams have inch or metric toothing.

Self-centering lunettes

Self-centering steady rests from SMW-AUTOBLOK are indispensable support for thin elements during their processing on a lathe. They have a large clamping range without the use of replaceable parts. Steady rests have absolutely precise centering that does not change when the pressure level in the clamp changes. The centralized lubrication system is provided by dosing devices built into the rest structure. Lubrication is carried out stably at regular intervals. The relatively rigid structure of small dimensions is easily and quickly installed. It Has different types of connector, and can be completed with additional parts. Steady rests can be installed in several ways, allowing you to perform various tasks at any angle - longitudinal turning, drilling, facing, trimming. For the tooling to work correctly, a special lubricant is required, most often it is k67 grease or k05 grease. These greases are suitable for both power and manual chucks, are solvent-free and protect metal housings from corrosion.

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