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About the manufacturer

SOMAI SRL is located in CISLIANO, MILANO, Italy and is part of the Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing Industry. Somai is working in the industries of Engines and mechanical parts, Tools, Machinery and Equipment. Nowadays Somai is run and managed by Emanuela Sguinzi and Simona Sguinzi and the key principal is Maria Tiraboschi, who oversees the growth of the company on national and international markets.


SOMAI Srl was founded in 1976 by Candido Sguinzi. In the beginning it was established as a manufacturer of pneumatic vibrators for building construction, the company later extended its production to include electric vibrators for the industrial and building construction sectors, up to the manufacture of machines for concrete. The company started trading on the Italian market in 1996, its registration number is MI949549 and VAT number - IT03225630155. 

Constantly pursuing its aim, Somai has always created products and application systems that can meet the growing needs of the market and the specific requirements of its clients, providing them with the relevant technical support.

Products, services, customers

The company is specialized in engines and mechanical parts, tools, machinery and equipment and in Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing Industry. Products are manufactured and assembled exclusively at the premises in Cisliano in compliance with European regulations and the most up-to-date CE and Atex regulations for safety and quality. Thanks to the contribution of new technology and the expertise of valuable collaborators, Somai continues to establish itself on the global market.

  • ATECO (EN 2007) : Manufacture of general-purpose machinery and other mechanical equipment n.e.c. (28299)
  • NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c. (2829)
  • ISIC 4 (WORLD) : Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery (2819)

Initially, Somai Srl started working on handling equipment, specifically, manufactured vibrators and mechanical handling. Step by step, it has evolved its working sector and continued manufacturing of  concrete mixing and placing machinery and equipment. Then, the company developed pneumatic tools and machines. And the final step was production of mining machinery and equipment. Somai Srl always gives its client specific details about the products and provides customers with technical support. 

Major Projects


Financial Statement

Nowadays Somai Srl counts 20-49 employees in Italy, out of which Emanuela Sguinzi and Simona Sguinzi are managing directors and the key principal is Maria Tiraboschi. Their annual revenue according to 2020 is $2.92 million. 

  • Corporate capital: 51,130 EUR
  • CF (Codice Fiscale): 03225630155
  • Registration No. MI 949549
  • VAT no: IT03225630155
  • Employees: 20-49 
  • Annual Revenue: $2.92 million