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Founded in 1932, GKN Stromag is in worldwide demand as an engineering partner and supplier of parts for clutch and brake, industrial disc brakes, highly flexible couplings, multi-coating systems and hoist limit switches. After decades of successful, competent work in the market, GKN Stromag is now channeling this acquired experience into its work as an innovative engineering partner in selected growth sectors.

For several years, one integral part of this strategy has been focused on "Technique for Effectiveness". With creative designs and products that make a sustainable contribution to protecting resources, GKN Stromag supports the leading OEMs in the capital goods industry on their path to the future. 

Supported by a high level of know-how from its employees and continuous investment in products and processes, the company has become a technology leader for international clients. They produce, for example, instruments for agricultural and construction machinery, diesel engines and generators for stationary applications and ship drives, or work in sectors for crane and conveyor technology, renewable energy, etc. And they value the flexibility and reliability of the GKN Stromag. The decisive factors for achieving success in the past and future development of the company are: good physical fitness, highly motivated employees who know how to apply themselves and their know-how creatively and with full dedication. Sustainable and continuous growth can only be achieved when it is accepted and developed. GKN Stromag lives with these clearly articulated beliefs and values.

The video above was taken from Stromag (Brand of Altra Industrial Motion) official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Truck and crawler cranes
Truck and crawler cranes
Mud pumps
Mud pumps

Wind power

Hydraulic units

Hydraulic fracturing


Customized solutions

Power supplies

Gantry/Port Cranes

Folding jib cranes

Ski lifts

Counterbalanced Loaders

Control systems

Marine propulsion systems

Yaw brakes

Elastic couplings

Uninterrupted operation of systems subject to torsional vibrations is only possible with the correct use of the flexible coupling. The decisive factor here is the right materials. For example, when they are designed to connect two rubber compounds of different hardness or special composites of rubber and fabric. Rely on GKN Stromag's many years of experience in manufacturing and processing elastomers. Equally important is the precise design of the connector designed for the drive and its components. Here, the company can also provide you with a reliable solution. Our flexible couplings are located between the inlet and outlet sides to positively influence the rotating vibration behavior and damp axial, radial and angular movements.


Our hydraulic, pneumatic and electrically operated brakes are highly advanced and reliable components for modern and energy efficient drives. They provide safe driving and climbing, are protected from the most adverse environmental influences in their applications, are provided with finely tuned safety features, and are characterized by low noise levels. Winches for cranes and ships are braked and held in place even in the most difficult conditions.

Limit switches

With a wide range of transmission systems, switching contacts and metal or plastic housings, GKN Stromag can offer solutions for every application. All analog and digital sensor systems can be integrated. The company's limit switch mechanisms reliably shut off motion sequences and position, or restrict the machine with independently and precisely adjustable cam discs. In addition, customers benefit from pre-agreed deliveries. This reduces the mechanical settings by a few screws. In addition, jointly defined connectors can quickly, safely, and securely connect your device to the correct power source.

Disc brakes

Reliable braking and precise positioning of linear movement of loads and rotating masses: GKN Stromag designs and manufactures disc brakes for modern wind turbines and industrial systems. With Rotorlock, the company offers a special lock for the rotors of wind turbine systems. In industrial brakes, the choice depends on design conditions, braking torque, performance, and whether the brakes are operational or emergency stop.

Two in one

The company's two-in-one solution package is designed in collaboration with customers' design departments and manufactured in-house. Clutch / link combinations combine the excellent damping properties of flexible couplings with electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic clutches. Experienced designers choose from our extensive portfolio the right solution for your application that optimizes your disk's performance while saving costs.


In the transmission, the clutches are a protected connection between the input and output sides for reliable transmission of torque. They are often subjected to high stress. High performance is ensured by the innovative components of GKN Stromag, which they develop with modern technology in cooperation with their customers. The focus is on increasing power density while at the same time reducing installation space and increasing energy efficiency in industrial processes.


Discs and flat parts are indispensable components in drive technology. They are used in clutches and brakes for gears, rims and tracked vehicles, conveyor systems and ships. The GKN Stromag portfolio targets a wide range of applications and provides a wide variety of configurations with diameters up to 1000 mm and the best product properties such as material and surface quality, hardness, zero residual stress, parallelism and flatness. The company's products use many machining operations such as punching, turning, drilling, milling, grinding, firing and heat treatment. Compliance with the highest requirements controls quality assurance tailored to each product.

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