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About the manufacturer

The German company Thermik, headquartered in Thuringia, is one of the leaders on the thermal equipment market. The brand, founded over 45 years ago, focuses on the continuous improvement of already tried and tested technologies in order to create the most innovative solutions.

The manufacturer not only offers time-tested products, but also constantly patents new solutions. Today, the total number of international and national patents exceeds 800. Confirmation of continuous work in the field of innovation is the receipt of the fifth prize in a row, which recognizes the hundred most innovative German companies related to medium-sized businesses.

Today the German brand has offices in Malaysia, USA and Romania. You can buy reliable and high-quality thermal products in Russia by looking at the company's catalog, which offers various items, including thermal switches, KTY sensor and other products.

Company Products

Over the years, the following technological solutions have been developed and released: various types of thermal limiters (the total number of items is about 15), including a thermal limiter with pressure stabilization; thermal sensors in different designs and configurations.

Thermal switches:

  • CF1
  • H06
  • P06
  • S06
  • SF1
  • SM1
  • UM1
  • SNM PTC Thermistors

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