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About the manufacturer

Renowned company, leader in the production of machine elements and other components. The company was founded in 1971 by Mr. Hiroshi Teramachi in Meguro-Ku, Tokyo and was called Toho Seiko Co. The company sold rollers, bearings, hinges and other components. In 1972 became the first company in the world to develop a rolling contact linear motion method. In 1977, the Kofu plant was founded in Japan. 1981 - Foundation of a branch in the USA The following year a branch of the international expansion of the company's sales network was opened in Germany In 1984, the Gifu plant in Japan was founded. In 2000, in order to meet the needs of the world market, production was established in the USA and in 2003 in France. In 2005, production started in China. Thus, branches of the company were established in Japan, Europe, America and Asia.

The name of the company means "cool", "high quality" and "know-how". Combining the accumulated experience and know-how of its developers, the company constantly designs and manufactures new products. Unique manufacturing techniques and creative ideas have made the company a leader in Linear Motion technology, linear motion guides that enable precise straight-line motion. The company conducts research at its technology center, established in Tokyo in 2005, and has branches in the cities of Yamashi, Yamaguchi and Yamagata in Japan. In total, about 150 employees are employed in research and development.

Today the headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo, Japan, the president is Mr. Akhiro Teramachi, the company employs more than 8,628 people worldwide, and the capital is more than 34,606 million Japanese yen. The company has branches in Asia (Australia, India, Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel, etc.), North America (Canada, USA, Brazil), Europe (Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland , Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, etc.), as well as in South America.


The company offers a wide range of products for linear motion control, which is constantly expanding, thanks to which the company offers such a wide range of products. The company produces:

Linear components:

  • compact guides
  • precision actuators
  • actuators
  • spline shafts with linear bushing
  • spline nuts
  • guides
  • tables with cross rollers
  • limited stroke linear bushings
  • linear bushings
  • precision miniature linear guides
  • cross roller guides
  • linear bearings
  • linear guides with limited travel
  • linear rolling modules
  • guide rails

Lead screw:

  • ball screws
  • adapter nuts
  • screw nuts

Rotation components:

  • cross roller bearings
  • support rollers
  • track rollers
  • spherical plain bearings
  • traction joints


Lubrication accessories

Today, the company's products have become an integral part of mechanical and electronic systems in many industries, such as:

  • robotics
  • aerospace industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • electronics
  • the medicine
  • transport
  • manufacture of semiconductors and liquid crystal processing equipment
  • others

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