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Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH was founded in 1978 by Herbert Timmer and is currently certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000. In 2008, a new logistics center in Neuenkirchen was put into operation with an area of over 20,000 m². The company is an innovative middle-class enterprise in pneumatics, vacuum technology, metering technology and pneumatic special solutions. The staff of the company includes more than 100 specialists of international level, who are the guarantors of the company's success.

The main activity is the production of pumps and the improvement of dosing technology. The emphasis is on pneumatic double diaphragm pumps (AODD diaphragm compressed air pumps, high pressure diaphragm pumps) and pneumatic piston rod pumps (coagulant dosing pumps). The range of products supplied by the company consists of pneumatic cylinders, valves, accessories and specialized equipment (special pneumatic cylinders and large cylinders). The company's customers note the combination of high quality products and innovative technologies and an acceptable price. 

The company is actively developing its activities in the field of vacuum lifters, including:

  • production of standard vacuum lifters (coil lifters, pivoting cross beams, cross beams);
  • production of special hoists for specific tasks;
  • services of professional consultants of the company;
  • Maintenance.

It is worth noting that Timmer-Pneumatic GmbH vacuum lifters are designed to handle loads from 2 kg (hose lifters) to over 20,000 kg (heavy load crossbeams). The wide range of Timmer Pneumatic technology products also includes vacuum pumps, pneumatic ejectors, Venturi nozzles, accessories and other specialized equipment. TIVAtec brand products are distinguished by excellent quality and reasonable prices.

The video above was taken from Timmer official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Pneumatic cylinders

Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH offers a wide range of products in the field of pneumatic cylinders as well as special or large cylinders that meet the highest quality and reliability requirements. The most popular members of the range are pneumatic, hydropneumatic, rodless, bellows and multi-position cylinders. Standard, profile, brake, compact and clamping cylinders are in no less demand. Many customers are also interested in ISO, CETOP, VDMA, Origa and mini cylinders. The company can easily provide mini cylinders, piston rod cylinders, guided cylinders and stainless steel cylinders upon request.

Pneumatic valves

The company offers a wide variety of products in the field of pneumatic valves. The most popular are limit switch valves, manual, check, pneumatic, control and solenoid valves. Namur, Roller Lever and Toggle valves, logic, special and control valves, axial valves, hand lever valves, limit switches and Dual-valves are also popular with the company's customers.

Pneumatic accessories

Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH offers everything you need for pneumatic equipment and other compressed air technologies. The pricing policy and quality of the offered goods will satisfy any customer. Pneumatic fittings, mufflers, pipes, stationary facade maintenance systems, fittings, ball valves, pressure gauges - this is just a small part of the company's wide range.

Pumps and dosing technologies

Among other things, the company offers a large selection of pumps. The company's consultants will be happy to assist you in choosing the right pump for you. You can order the appropriate free catalogs or contact company representatives.

Vacuum lifters

Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH under the brand name ANVERRA offers a wide range of products in the field of vacuum lifting technology. The core competencies of ANVERRA vacuum lifting technologies are vacuum lifters such as coil lifters.

Vacuum technology and vacuum pumps

Timmer offers a huge range of products with the new "TIVAtec" program. The main representatives of this direction are vacuum pumps, which are available in many designs. Under the ANVERRA brand, the company offers hoists of various models for use in any area. In addition to the above pumps, TIVAtec products are represented by vacuum suction cups for various applications and other accessories (oxygen-free filters, tubes or switches). Thanks to many years of experience in the field of these technologies, Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH specialists can provide you with competent advice on the selection of budget options that are right for you.

Special solutions

Most of the requirements in the field of pneumatics, vacuum technology in general, and lifters developed using this technology in particular, can be met with products that have standard characteristics. However, sometimes there are components with special parameters that do not meet standards. Representatives of the company will be happy to help you solve this problem and produce special products that meet the stated requirements. Examples of special solutions are cylinder valve combinations, printing machines, ink supply systems, pneumatic control units, feed distribution valves, special or large cylinders. According to your parameters, the company is ready to produce special valves, coolant metering systems, 6/2 directional valve, 3/2 start valve, double steel cylinder.

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