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WAIRCOM is one of the leading companies in Italy with more than 60 years of experience, specializing in the manufacture of pneumatic components for industrial automation. The company offers a wide and diversified range of products, specifically designed for industrial use and able to guarantee safety and reliability over time. In fact, all the pneumatic components comply with European and international safety regulations, obtaining all the necessary certifications.

In more detail, the range of products is divided into five macro families: pneumatic and stainless steel cylinders, valves and solenoid valves, mechanical valves and manual valves, air treatment units and tubes and fittings.

Waircom offers a wide range of pneumatic cylinders and pistons to satisfy the widest industrial needs and applications. They are also able to offer linear actuators, with and without rod, guided, compact, rotating and no rotating cylinders, both conforming to the most widely used international standards. All product families include, when not already included in the design of the cylinder itself, a set of fixing accessories and magnetic sensors that allow a more complete range of uses. This is made through a production system driven by a quality management system, meeting the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Waircom pilot and solenoid actuated valves have been manufactured with different production philosophies depending on the context in which they have to be used. Therefore, beside the historic poppet valves, several series of valves with spool construction, for single use, on manifold, or with multipolar connection have been created over the years. In the list of popular products are direct acting solenoid valves series "DM". These valves can be used with all the fluids that can match the constructive materials. Also for this product family, there are accessories such as bases, coils and connectors.

The air treatment units are one of the most important products that Waircom produces. Before being used in the plants, the compressed air must be properly treated. For this reason, Waircom offers these two Series of FRL groups (Filters, Reducers and Lubricators), which are presented in sizes ranging from G1/4 ” to G1″. In addition to these main articles, FRL can be assembled with shut-off and soft-start valves. Even for this products family, there are correspondent accessories (pressure gauges and pressure switches) that complete Waircom offer.

Quality in Waircom means respect of scrupulous production cycles and meticulous testing of every single product, that allows having all the working processes under control and an integrated, flexible and coordinated production management, always able to cope with any emergency. Waircom technology has the appropriate tools to ensure the needed level of precision, machining centers, CNC turning centers, anthropomorphic robot, profile projector, superficial treatment thickness testing machines and hardness control, gauging tools, etc. .

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