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Wenglor Sensoric GmbH is a global leader in manufacturing of detectors, sensors, switches and other components for automation systems. The holding offers more than 2000 items with international standard of quality, including photoelectric sensors (proximity, amount, distance, detection of transparent glass, shine and luminescence), luminescent sensors, InoxSens items, supersonic proximity sensors for detection of objects regardless of material, color or transparency), inductive proximity switches, vision systems, image processing scanners, barcode scanners, multipath industrial safety systems for protection of people in hazardous areas, and other types of products. 

The company was founded in 1983 in Tettnang, Germany. In 1994 branches of the company were opened in France and Great Britain with total number of employees amounting to 100 and 7 million euros sales. In 1997 the branch network expanded to the USA and Italy, employees number increased to 170 and sales - to 19 million euros. 

Nowadays the company headquarters are located in Tettnang, Germany. There are branches in Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA, Romania, Italy, Spain and China. Employees in 43 countries work with more than 50000 customers worldwide.  

Wenglor place emphasis on safety, increased service life, quick decision-making process and flexibility. Also, due to ongoing innovations and developments the quality of products is continuously improving. High quality of items is guaranteed by strict quality control proved by relevant international certificates: СЕ, UL, ГОСТ-Р.

Sensors, switches and other components by Wenglor are widely used by leading world companies in implementation of automation systems in various industries, for example Wenglor 1122 car manufacturing, wood processing, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage production, paper and carton processing, plastics processing, consumer goods industry, packaging etc.

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